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Planning a winter escape? 6 travel health tips for the best holiday ever

Are the winter blues getting you down? Are you planning to escape the chill with a family holiday to somewhere warmer?

No matter the reason behind your travel plans, to ensure that you enjoy the best, most carefree holiday ever is to plan ahead and protect your health by seeing a health professional well in advance.

Below are 6 travel health tips for the best holiday ever:

1. Learn about your destination

Start by making sure it’s safe to travel to the destination you’ve chosen. Avoid areas where there is political or social unrest, high crime rates, a health alert or risk of an impending natural disaster. If a travel health notice is in effect for a country when you book your trip, you may not be eligible for a refund if you choose not to go.

2. Visit your GP

It is highly recommended that you book an appointment with your GP well in advance of your departure date. Your GP can assess your health needs, help you prevent illness and provide you with general information about precautions you should take during your travels.

3. Get immunised

Getting immunised will help you and your family stay well on your trip. Be sure to allow plenty of time to visit your doctor as you will need to have some vaccinations weeks or months before travel, it is best to see your doctor six to eight weeks before you depart.

4. Protect against insects

Insects can be more than just a nuisance when travelling and can spread a variety of serious diseases. Special precautions should be taken by women who are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. Everyone should avoid exposure to mosquito bites. This can be done by wearing long sleeves and long pants, using mosquito nets, avoiding outdoor exposure during mosquito feeding times and applying insect repellents etc.

5. Have suitable travel insurance

It is important to purchase suitable travel insurance that provides coverage for both illness and injuries. Not to mention, it provides you with peace of mind during your travels.

6. Take precautions with food and water

By taking precautions with food and water when travelling this will help you and family members to avoid getting sick. Developing countries may not have a safe water supply, so tap water may not be safe for drinking, cooking or brushing your teeth.

Our doctors can provide comprehensive travel consultations and can advise you what vaccinations are required for all destinations.

Your one-stop-shop for all travel health:

  • Vaccination and medication requirements

  • Post-travel health screening

Read more here about our travel health services here

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Be a safe and healthy traveller in 2018 by following our top tips

If you are planning an overseas holiday, it important to visit your GP to discuss your requirements, preferably a month or two prior to your departure.

Make sure you check in to see a GP before you depart, and we wish you a safe and healthy trip

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