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Work on your feet all day? Top tips for looking after your feet

Work on your feet all day? Top tips for looking after your feet

There are many occupations that require you to be on your feet for substantial portions of the day, while on your feet has its benefits, long hours on your feet can often lead to pain and fatigue in your feet and ankles. Some common conditions which can be aggravated by the extended period of time on your feet include plantar fasciitis, bunion and Achilles tendonitis, if some of these issues are untreated it can lead to a change in the way to walk potentially leading to lower back pain.

So here are a few tips from podiatrist, Will Delahunty from Tuggerah Medical Centre to help reduce pressure and pain on your feet.

Appropriate footwear

Wearing ill- fitting and unsupportive foot wear can dramatically increase your risk of pain in your feet and ankles. There are a few features of shoes that are important to give your foot the support it needs. Firstly, having a firm heel counter to hold the rearfoot in a nice secure position. The sole of the foot should not bend in the same position as the foot itself, at the forefoot. Your footwear should also be fastened to the foot with either laces or some form of strap. It's important to make sure you have enough room in the toe box area of the shoe, being on your feet all day your feet are naturally going to swell. If your shoes don't fit correctly, certain muscles will have to work harder, and a lot of irritation can occur.

Regular Stretching/Foot Exercises

Take a few moments throughout the day to stretch your foot and ankle muscles. Range of motion (ROM) exercises are helpful, if possible rolling a trigger point or golf ball along the sole of the foot can lengthen the muscles and improve mobility. Also continue to change positions frequently so one muscle group isn't constantly working harder than another. Even if that is just shifting your weight back and forth.

Padding Work Floor Surfaces

A lot of work spaces have hard concrete floor which increase the pressure put through your foot and ankle. If possible, it might be worthwhile looking into a more shock absorbing surface, like a padded floor mat.

Taking Care of your Feet at Home

Everyone should be checking their feet regularly for corns and callus, keeping your nails short and in check. As well as moisturising your feet regularly. If you don't have a chance throughout the day rolling a trigger point or golf ball along the sole of the foot helps to relieve some to the muscle tightness from the long day on your feet.

Get Your Feet Checked Out

If you are having pain from work or the long days on your feet. Come see our friendly podiatrist at Tuggerah Medical Centre who will take a detailed history along with thorough assessment of your muscle strength, joint alignment and visual gait analysis. They will help to find the underlying cause of your pain and create an appropriate plan to relieve pain. If necessary, custom orthotics may be prescribed to correct gait abnormalities and even the pressure evenly through the lower limb.

Got a problem with your feet?

Book an appointment today, call 4352 8688.

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