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Are you prostate aware? Know the signs for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Are you prostate aware? Know the signs for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September marks Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is asking Australia to get involved and help create awareness and raise the much-needed funds to help in the fight against prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Australia with almost 20,000 diagnoses and close to 3,500 deaths each year.

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer occurs when abnormal cells develop in the prostate. These abnormal cells can continue to multiply in an uncontrolled way and sometimes spread outside the prostate into nearby or distant parts of the body.

Prostate cancer is generally a slow growing disease and the majority of men with low grade prostate cancer live for many years without symptoms and without it spreading and becoming life-threatening. However, high grade disease does spread quickly and can be lethal.

Prostate cancer symptoms-Know the signs!

Early prostate cancer rarely causes symptoms. Even when prostate cancer is advanced at the time of diagnosis, there may be no symptoms. Where symptoms do occur, they are often due to non-cancerous conditions, such as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

Symptoms of advanced prostate cancer may include:

  • unexplained weight loss

  • frequent or sudden need to urinate

  • blood in the urine

  • pain in the lower back, hips or pelvis.

These are not always signs of prostate cancer, but you should see your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

Get checked this month!

Around 1 in 7 Aussie men will get prostate cancer so monitoring your prostate health is essential.

We encourage all men over 50 – or over 40 if you have a family history - to talk with your GP about your prostate health. And don’t worry your GP is a professional and has heard it all before, there is no need to feel awkward or embarrassed.

Our team is here to support you, if you have any concerns please visit your doctor.


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Cancer Council

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